OASIS, Inc. is a small business providing expert consulting services in all areas of underwater and airborne acoustics, noise control technologies, structural acoustics, and instrumentation and data acquisition systems.

OASIS has extensive experience performing ocean acoustic experiments in both coastal and deep water. The company has been active in a number of government-funded research efforts focused on ocean acoustics and oceanography and has developed a real-time system (patent pending) for calculating the position and the transmission loss of a programmable acoustic target. Also, real time advanced signal processing utilizing state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chips has been a key element applied to automated unmanned vehicles.

OASIS has recently leased and equipped a 2000 sq. ft. AUV and instrumentation lab for integrating our unique measurement systems into Webb Gliders, Hydroid REMUS vehicles, and other AUVs.

OASIS is also pursuing research on the acoustic signals produced by marine mammals. The eventual goal of this work is to develop an autonomous system to detect, classify, and locate marine mammals using acoustic sensors based on autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) platforms.

Since 1990, we have delivered high-quality service at a competitive price to a wide variety of satisfied customers across the country, and around the world.

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